# Add ons

The filler comes with a standard length of 2.5m ID 3.2mm (1/8") / OD 6.4mm (1/4") beverage hose to connect between the keg and the filler. The length is to provide adequate and even pressure drop in the hose to avoid foaming. The flowrate of the standard hose is 1.2 liter/minute @1 bar keg pressure.

There's also a ID 2.5mm / OD 4mm hose included. Use this for the foamy beers.

Flow control kit We also have a flow control kit where the pressure drop is in an inline flow control valve. The hose that comes along with the kit is 5mm (3/16") ID and 8mm (5/16) OD. The flow rate of the flow control kit is 1.6 liter/minute @1 bar keg pressure. The kit makes it easy to control the beverage flow rate. The foam-cap height normally varies with the temperature but also the flow. To a certain degree, the kit will make it possible to adjust the foam height by controlling the flow rate. The flow control kit includes a filter strainer to keep the flow control valve free of debris

High-temperature kit The second kit is a high-temperature kit. It consists of a temperature-resistant hose that can be boiled. With this addon, all beverage contact parts have the temperature rating to be disassembled and boiled in water as an efficient method of disinfection.

Duofiller G1 -> G2 upgrade kit This kit contains all the beverage contact parts, including the pinch type valves. It also contains the tube clamps that allows for bottle filling and it contains a new control board allowing bottle filling and featuring Wifi. Functionality will be as Duofiller G2.