• Do you offer a full refund if I am not satisfied with the Duofiller? Of course, we do. We issue a full refund (excluded import taxes) if the Duofiller does not meet the expectations.

  • How long is the warranty period? We have two years warranty. If your filler fails we will ship you replacement parts or take it back for free repair.

  • What's the difference between the Mono and Duofiller? The only difference is Mono is a single fill head and the Duofiller is a double fill head filler. Duofiller also has mounting holes for VESA 100 which the Monofiller doesn't have. Besides, there's no difference.

  • Can the Mono and Duofiller fill bottles? Yes, both can fill bottles but only in Timer Mode and the user has to hold the bottle by the hand while filling. Nearly all bottle sizes can be used.

  • Can the Mono and Duofiller fill uncarbonated beverages? Yes, they can but the beverage has to be pressurized. We recommend filling from a pressurized keg even if the beverage is uncarbonated. Fill speed will increase greatly as the pressure is increased. Also, the beverage valve opening is pressure-assisted. At first opening after a long period without use, the valve might require up to 15 psi / 1 bar beverage pressure for the valve to pop open. The following openings will require less pressure.

  • What beverages can the Mono and Duofiller be used for? Nearly any. Carbonated and uncarbonated. Highly carbonated beverages with bubble size >1mm will only work in Timer Mode.
    With the high-temperature addon you can safely use it for mixed femermentation beverages as with this addon all beverage contact parts can be boiled in water for disinfection.
    Beverage pressure must be 20 psi or lower.

  • Can the Mono and Duofiller fill all types of standard beverage cans? 250ml (slim), 330ml, 440ml, 500ml, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz, 24oz tallboys, sleek cans? Yes. There's a height limit of 190mm between the can holder and the fill tube clamp. If you mount the can holder upside down the max height will be 215mm.

  • Does the beer pick up oxygen while being filled with the Duofiller? The CO2 purge will remove oxygen from the can before filling. For the best result use low purge pressure to ensure a slow and steady purge. Always make sure there is a foam cap and that you cap on foam. Done correctly the beer will have low DO and long shelf life without oxidation.

  • Should I get a counterpressure filler instead of an open filler like Duofiller? Duofiller is faster and less messy, counterpressure fillers can handle more foaming and warmer beer. Duofiller needs cold beer and is suitable up to ~3.3-3.4 volumes of CO2 in the beverage. Both are great options to avoid oxygen pick up which is always a risk while packing.